About Us


Positive, Effective Connections

De Alba Communications generates media coverage in top-tier, traditional local, national and international major communications channels, as well as through the Internet and social media. We navigate the changing media landscape and leverage content across multiple platforms.

Our success is due to our extensive network of media contacts in our clients’ industries and diverse markets. As media relations and communications experts, we always build and sustain professional relationships that consistently serve both the client and the media.

We strategically position our clients as thought leaders and establish them as leading authorities in their industries and communities.

Our tailored services and strategic counsel support and drive your business goals.

We excel at client service and exceeding expectations through measurable media results, responsiveness and creativity.


Reaching Multicultural Audiences

De Alba Communications forges successful outreach to diverse communities because we understand and connect with the specific needs and expectations of each community.

We offer custom design and execution of specialized, culturally-relevant communications programs.

We ensure that your key messages reach your target audience, whether it’s general/mainstream, Latinx, African-American, Asian & Pacific Islander and other Diverse/Multi-Ethnic.

Our experts provide exceptional solutions that take into account the specific demographics, languages, cultural differences and current events that can affect the purchasing power of our growing multicultural communities.